Check out our speciality E-Book programs! These programs are available in a downloadable format that is yours to keep forever and repeat as many times as you would like.


This 6 Week program is designed as an add on to any existing training plan you are running. This program will help improve your core strength, enhance the stability of your lifts, build your six pack abs AND the other muscles that make up your entire core. We will be working the abdominals, hips, glutes, obliques and lower back to create a rock solid core. With two options, this is our best selling program for new moms and advanced athletes alike!


This 6 Week Program is a video intensive full course taught by Kristin Pope to help you learn the olympic weightlifting lifts. This program will help you gain an in-depth understanding of the movements of the Snatch and Clean + Jerk, plus the accessory lifts normally found in a weightlifting routine. We are starting from ground zero in this course and turning you into a weightlifter! A great choice for the novice lifter.


A 10 or 16-week postpartum program that rebuilds your core, hip stability and strength after giving birth to your baby! This program will give you all of the tools and guidance you need from start to finish to rehab and get back to lifting! A great option for new moms looking to return to the sports of Weightlifting or CrossFit.


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