Dynamic Nutrition offers a balanced approach to nutrition based on the principles of flexible dieting. Our process meets you where you are to help you navigate the challenges of everyday life by implementing healthy and sustainable habits that encourage food freedom. Join over 5,000 successful clients and get set up to conquer your goals through an individualized program that includes one-on-one support and guidance from coach Kristin!



  • A nutrition plan custom tailored to you including personalized macronutrient assignments 
  •  1:1 coaching directly from Kristin Pope. That means a REAL HUMAN working with you. This is NOT just an algorithm or calculator
  • Weekly check-ins where feedback and guidance are provided with 24 hours
  • Ongoing support and adjustments based on your goals and lifestyle
  • Assistance with nutrient timing that aligns with your lifestyle in order to best utilize your food for fuel
  • Access to our amazing Facebook community to connect you with likeminded individuals on similar journeys


At Dynamic Nutrition we realize everyone’s journey is unique. We foster close relationships with our members that allow us to implement effective and sustainable strategies that fit their current lifestyle and move them toward their goals. In addition to individualized guidance, this synergy encourages accountability and offers constructive support through the challenges of everyday life. We believe these things to be the real drivers of success when it comes to body and health transformations.  


Forget being paired with a random coach you don’t know. The Dynamic Pursuit nutrition program offers custom, individualized macronutrient programming and coaching directly from Kristin Pope herself – a determined entrepreneur and mother with personal exposure to a lifetime of elite level athletics including adherence to weight classes for competition, pregnancy, & postpartum recovery. These experiences, along with a certification as a Sports Nutrition Specialist through the National Council of Sports and Fitness, as well as the opportunity to work with thousands of unique individuals have led to an in-depth understanding of the power and benefits that a properly fueled body provides. 


Once the decision is made to begin your nutrition journey and payment is submitted, we start by providing a detailed questionnaire in order to gather important information about your goals and lifestyle that will allow us to develop a nutrition plan custom tailored to you. We’ll also provide access to a detailed instructional guide along with other resources to help you get started. From there you’ll be able to create an account on our website wherein we utilize a state of the art software that enables communication to be easy, organized, and efficient. In addition to a communication tool, this custom software tracks and graphs weight & measurement, serves as a location to store and compare progress photos, and even syncs to (4) options of different macro tracking apps to truly provide a premium user experience. 

*Please note that we do not offer meal plans or grocery lists.


$150 / Month

Automatic monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time. You will fill out a detailed intake form after payment.

Discounted 6 & 12 Month Packages Available!

*2 Month Minimum Commitment.                              Use the contact form or email Kristin@dynamicpursuit.net to inquire about military and couples discounts (10%)



Kristin showed me that small sustainable adjustments with time and consistency is exactly what I needed to take me to where I wanted to be. I've never been so confident in my body.
With the help of Kristin, I was able to lose fat and most importantly gain muscle! She adapts to your every need and knows what works best for you
I got my 1st muscle up tonight. It’s amazing how easy movements like that are 20 pounds lighter!!
I worked with Kristin when I first started seriously powerlifting three years ago and started working with her again when I decided I wanted to go down a weight class. I competed twice, two days apart, and she helped me make weight both times —AND set two national records!!
Kristin made it so easy to hit my postpartum goal with a diet that makes sense and is flexible for busy lifestyles. I really appreciated that she took into account my work, workouts, and that I am a new mom in planning my macros.


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