We can all benefit from fueling our bodies with proper macronutrient ratios. The Dynamic Nutrition program is individualized coaching by Kristin Pope, who has had success with over 5,000 clients! All ages, genders and fitness levels welcome- you just need to be ready to work hard!



* 1:1 Coaching from Kristin Pope
* Personalized Macronutrient Breakdown
* Updated Programming Weekly
* Help with nutrient timing based on your lifestyle and workouts
* Check-ins with Feedback & Advice within 24 hours
* A REAL HUMAN working with you; this is NOT just an algorithm or calculator
* Progress Monitoring with state of the art software that syncs to your macro tracking apps
* Online access to our amazing community of those on the same journey

The user experience is second to none. Kristin takes her time getting to know each client, and takes a 1:1 approach that will work for YOU and your lifestyle. We use state of the art technology to track progress with progress photos, weigh in and daily macro input all in one place on our website. The software can even link to the macro tracking apps on your phone. 

We do not do meal plans or grocery lists – this is flexible dieting and a way of life! You will not have to say goodbye to any of your favorite foods!


There are reviews you can read from our members. Kristin takes pride in her work and recognizes the importance of a nutrition coach being a positive influence in her clients’ lives. You will be getting much more than just macro numbers. Access to the Facebook Community is also included in the membership which is a huge help to have a big support system at your fingertips 24/7!

Kristin only takes on individuals that are ready to work hard, follow the program and have the budget for several months of coaching to see results over time. The average time period with us is about 6 months, but some clients stick with us for years!


$135 / Month

Automatic monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time. You will fill out a detailed intake form after payment.

*2 Month Minimum Commitment
**Use the contact form to inquire about military (10%), couples (10%), and 6 month package (5%) discounts



Kristin showed me that small sustainable adjustments with time and consistency is exactly what I needed to take me to where I wanted to be. I've never been so confident in my body.
With the help of Kristin, I was able to lose fat and most importantly gain muscle! She adapts to your every need and knows what works best for you
I got my 1st muscle up tonight. It’s amazing how easy movements like that are 20 pounds lighter!!
I worked with Kristin when I first started seriously powerlifting three years ago and started working with her again when I decided I wanted to go down a weight class. I competed twice, two days apart, and she helped me make weight both times —AND set two national records!!
Kristin made it so easy to hit my postpartum goal with a diet that makes sense and is flexible for busy lifestyles. I really appreciated that she took into account my work, workouts, and that I am a new mom in planning my macros.