The Dynamic Training program offers a constant stream of workouts formulated to help you achieve new levels of strength, improve your body composition and allow you to have fun in the gym in the process. There is something for everyone with our program options – all at an affordable price point. In order to reach new heights, we have to push our limits – let’s get to work!

Training programs for those on a DYNAMIC PURSUIT to get better than yesterday.

This subscription based training platform includes two pathway options!

Dynamic Pursuit Panther
Dynamic Pursuit Panther


Every workout includes example video demonstrations of each movement! You will be training alongside Kristin Pope and be a part of a new fitness community that is on a pursuit to TRANSCEND YESTERDAY!

This programming will be based on training blocks with a different focus every cycle. What makes our program different is that you won’t lose strength in one area while you focus on another – we strive to create well rounded athletes across all areas of fitness on a steady progression over time. With this programming you will be training for the sports of powerlifting/weightlifting AND bodybuilding + metabolic conditioning. You no longer have to choose between being strong or being fit!

The time commitment is 4 days per week for an average of 90 minutes per day with an optional 5th day of training. This is perfect for those that can’t spend all day in the gym, but want to train with intensity to get stronger, faster and leaner. If you want to improve your fitness, physique AND your lifts – this program is the one for you!

Make an investment in yourself at only $12 per month!

(Yep! Less than you’re paying for Netflix!)


Our training method comes backed with years of experience – you won’t ever have to second guess the programming with it being created by a two time National Championship medalist and member of Team USA Weightlifting. Kristin has also qualified to USA Powerlifting nationals and brings the best of both worlds with the options available.

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$12 Per Month for BOTH Options

This is an automatic monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time. You will create a personalized log in for your account and have access to the current week’s program as well as the previous week’s at all times.


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Each day is programmed to help you develop your strength and fitness with maximum efficiency. Utilizing a progressive overload strength training method, combined with methodical accessory work and conditioning circuits – we are able to give you the best weekly workout experience instead of your typical random selection of exercises that many other programs offer.


Both options include barbell lifting movements, accessory bodybuilding exercises, and conditioning circuits. We use compound movements to get you the most efficient workout possible for strength gains as well as fat loss.

Anyone wanting to increase their strength or muscle mass, reduce body fat, improve conditioning, and hit new PRs on their lifts. Whether you are a beginner, recreational athlete, or an advanced lifter, you can benefit from using this program. Men and women of all ages that want to get stronger, leaner, and more fit will benefit from this training plan. Basic knowledge of snatch and clean + jerk technique is recommended for the weightlifting path.

To get the full benefit of the programming, access to a barbell, plate set, a few dumbbells or kettlebells, and a pullup bar. Access to a piece of cardio equipment such as a rower or bike is an added bonus but not entirely necessary.

100% yes! Our programming is designed to be standalone, BUT this program can also be used as a great supplement to traditional crossfit training. There is more information on the customer dashboard, but in short – you would omit our conditioning and utilize the barbell and accessory work to get a leg up on your competition when it comes to weightlifting movements.

When you subscribe you will receive access to BOTH options and have the ability to at all times.

Your user dashboard will automatically be updated with new programming every week. You will retain access to (1) previous week of programming in case you fall behind.

This programming is designed for year round training. The (5) week training blocks are designed to be completed back-to-back with peaks aligning with events such as the AO series in weightlifting. We will spend a lot of time building strength and improving body composition, so running our program consistently will set you up for success when it comes time to test your new maximums. As long as you are subscribed, you will continually receive newly updated programming every week.

Our programming features progressive overload style training for (4) challenging weeks followed by (1) deload recovery week to round out the (5) week training cycles. We use this duration for maximum results while keeping your health and longevity in mind.

The average duration for each workout is about 1.5 hours. These workouts are great for those wanting to maximize their potential as well as their time.

There are (5) training days included in both pathways with an option to consolidate down to (4) days.

We have included demo videos linked to each exercise that will help provide guidance and eliminate confusion.

Kristin is offering a video feedback add on package coming soon.

Kristin has trained under the guidance of some of the best coaches in America during her career. This training program combines everything she learned over the years and is how she currently approaches her workouts. You will be doing the exact same workouts as Kristin Pope.